Our Story

TWIG pants


I always wanted to be a mom.

As I closed in on 50, I had lived a glamorous life. But more than anything else, I wanted to be a Mom. So a few years ago, after a long and arduous process, I adopted my daughter, Maud.

She changed everything.

Not just because it fulfilled a dream...or because my little girl is a wonderful, magical little person who takes my breath away.

No, Maud changed everything because I went from being an Executive Producer in Hollywood, with a wardrobe full of designer clothes and evenings spent schmoozing at the most exclusive restaurants, and traveling the world, to looking after a little girl who didn't speak my native language, had survived a tough early childhood, and who was fast evolving into a thriving child who wanted my attention at every waking hour...as children do.

In the throes of this new life as a mom, I began to realize how hard it was to find stylish clothes. I still wanted to look hip but I needed to feel comfortable while schlepping around the city. I was able to find cute, relaxed clothes for my daughter – but not for me. As I’d hunt through my closet, I kept wishing I had something beautiful and easy-to-wear that I could throw on in the morning. I wanted an outfit that made sense at school drop-off, the playground and coffee dates with my friends, and also the occasional date-night.

That desire – to match comfort with chic elegance – is the essence of Twig pants, a line of casual, fashionable pants in many fabrics and silhouettes for all the mothers and women out there who don’t want to give up on style for the sake of comfort.
I hope you like them.


The name for the debut collection is eponymous – when I was a girl, my family called me Twiggy (often shortened to Twig) on account of my being very skinny, like the then ‘it’ English fashion model Twiggy. Like her, I too modeled – both as a child and young woman. Rising up through the ranks at Ford Models, Elite and Wilhelmina, I spent a lot of my younger years on locations around the globe and on magazine covers – from Seventeen to British Vogue.
I learned a lot about fashion do’s and don’ts, and a lot about the need for women to feel comfortable as well as chic. For me, that’s what women want and deserve – cool, relaxed wearable cloths that fit their unique sense of style.